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Aroma Yoga.

Breathe, move, flow


Nurture your Soul

Every Monday and Wednesday, I hold an Aroma Yoga class via zoom 09.45-10.45. Zoom is a perfect platform for this divine class as you are much more easily able to create your own inner sanctuary of bliss and tranquility without absorbing others energies. If you are an empath, you will benefit from this carefully designed format.

This is a beautifully sacred class with pure essential oils woven in to deeply enhance the experience by positively affecting our emotional, energetic and physical health, but you do not need to have the oils, you will still experience the many benefits.

The class is suitable for everyone, but has been specifically crafted for people in their mid life years and above.

The class is meditative and gently powerful, deeply connecting you with your light, empowered feminine energy of nurture, creativity and intuition. It is in this energy where your answers come, where you find your inner peace and joy and where you are able to gently move from stress to serenity, from pressure to flow and from doing to being.


The class is healing and balancing, you can expect to feel calm and yet energized, vibrant and joyful as your vibrational energy moves up the scale allowing you to tune in to your soul whispers.

Claire’s aroma yoga classes are a wonderful experience of comfort, practice and flow.



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