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The Aromatherapy Practitioner Course.

Become a qualified aromatherapy practitioner


Align to a life of beauty

A complete immersion to raise your natural health and vibrational energy using certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils, embrace your sparkle and lead a peaceful, vibrantly healthy, harmonious life.

This course is insurable and enables you to become an Aromatherapy Practitioner.

This program is delivered either face to face in Cheshire, UK or via distance learning.

  • Embrace your natural health and joy to create balance and harmony for you and your family

  • Shine brightly and create a nourishing and vibrant life

  • Boost your immune system, cellular function and overall healthy naturally

  • Allow the body to function optimally to both prevent and manage illness

  • Nurture yourself and your family using effective, safe, holistic practices and modalities and beautiful healing therapies to create vibrant health

  • Reduce harmful toxins from your life to encourage self-healing

  • Awaken your spirit to live a life that lights you and the world up

Claire’s warmth and ability connect with you from the very start. She just gets it and guides you through to the places that you need to look at and where you need to be.



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