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Natural well-being for health and harmony. 

Guidance from Mother Earth.

Embody your essence. 

Nurture your soul. 

About me

I am a certified life coach, holistic therapist, and yoga teacher with 30 years of proven experience in natural healing and therapies for deep well-being and a positively energized life. My passion is to guide others towards their magical and abundant life.


Mindset coaching strategies, as well holistic techniques, natural modalities and Laws of the Universe are used to unlock individuals’ potential and achieve desired outcomes. Passions, gifts, core values and belief systems are identified to enable clients to create their ideal vision and move forward in their lives with confidence, freedom, joy, and purpose.

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Dance with the flowers

Swim in the sea

Move with the rhythm of the tides

Set yourself free


Bathe under the moon

Sing under the sun

Feel your beauty within

Play, flow, run


Love with all your heart

Feel, laugh, cry

Embrace your shining light

Let sorrow and grief pass by


Find your inner peace

Live in harmony

Embrace your life in full

Taste, touch, see


Hear the call of the trees

The whispers in the air

The wisdom of the plants

The answers are all there



"Claire can work with you to literally start to make your dreams come true."


"I gained confidence and took responsibility for my future"


"You’ve made a huge impact on my life and I just love your energy."


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